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Party Princess – A Glass of the Pink Stuff

When I go to order a bottle of wine, be it in a restaurant or in a pub I will pick a white almost all of the time, I just prefer it. However when I am out with the girls, I have the minority vote and Rose wine is picked for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE Rose, I just think you can get more flavoursome white varieties.

Having said that, when I DO go for pink I normally pick a wine which is almost orange in colour and it has to be served cold, VERY cold. I know that everyone says you shouldn’t serve anything colder than 12 degrees blah, blah, blah, but on a personal level I always keep my wine cooler at around 8 degrees.

So I was out last week with the girls and as predicted, Rose was ordered, on this occasion Fortant Merlot Rose. First point, how CUTE is this bottle. It would certainly stand out in my fridge. I was in two minds to nab the bottle and stick a candle in it

Wine: Fortant
Grape: Merlot Rose
Region: South France
Price Range: Roughly £16 a Bottle
Party Princess Rating (Out of 5): A solid 4 out of 5.

What they say it tastes of.
Delicious strawberry and grenadine flavours that mingle sweetness and freshness.

What it really tastes of.
It has a great fresh taste, a little heavy on the nose but went down with little hassle! Defiantly could taste the strawberry or at least some other red fruit. A touch on the acidity side. But overall, not bad. Would be good with a tomato-ey fish dish.

Check out the full Smith and Jones wine menu here!


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